WG Warning!

During a game a douchbag in a Bulldog kept bad mouthing everybody in the in game chat. Afterwards I check his battle performance and you guessed it, he had no spotting, no assist. After the game I sent him a message about his performance and today I received this warning!

Dear Player,
You are receiving this email because you were found to be engaging in, posting insulting messages.
Specifically, you were observed in:
2021-04-05 07:38:56 wow you did plenty talking for an asshole that did shit!
2021-04-05 07:39:35 no spotting and no assist you suck.
This is a violation of our rules and if it happens again your account will be sanctioned.
For more information on our game rules, check out this http://legal.na.wargaming.net/en/game-rules-en/.
Wargaming Player Support

Apparently he can talk shit but can't handle it if he gets called out for performance. End of rant!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/mlcqsp/wg_warning/

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