What I’m supposed to do without sixth sense?

I started playing recently, watched some videos about spoting and such, as interesting concept I find this game has, the spotinf is just… Making me ragequit some times.

You know, I'm a f2p player, don't have much money atm to spend in my life, imagine in a game. But I wanted a new game to play as WoWs was getting boring.

However, not being able to know if I'm spoted is just… Frustrating. Going into a bush, no enemy near spoted, I wait as a good TD, then… 4 or 5 different tanks shot me and there goes all my HP.

How I'm supposed to understand the spotting mechanics, what get me spotted, where can I get spotted, if I shot there will I get spotted and such, without having sixth sense?

I'm trying to get into the game but this is really a strong turn down for my desire to play.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/n0mop8/what_im_supposed_to_do_without_sixth_sense/

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