What to Play in Ranked?

Obviously if I had the T95/FV I would play that, but I don't have any clan reward tanks. I also don't have the Obj 279(e) yet, but it's actually not clear to me it's a great tank for ranked, because I haven't had a problem dealing with them. I also see less of them as I go up in ranks, but that could be due to everyone who has one ranking up much faster than me.

Back to the point, last season on NA I played the 430U to start, but gave up due to bad accuracy. I played the Obj 277 and Progetto 65 for most of last season, with the best success in 277. This season it feels like there are so many "fast enough" tanks that it's not possible to take aggressive positions and capitalize on them. I tried the Obj 260 as well, but it seems worse than the 277 since it's taller. Trying to make the gun depression work is a massive struggle.

Which leaves me with the S. Conq, that I've been spamming as my primary. I feel like I can hold my own against pretty much anything, but the lack of mobility leads to horrible games when I guess wrong on initial position. This is where the T95/FV has a massive advantage.

I haven't even considered trying the Progetto, because every single battle seems to devolve into a hull-down slug-fest at medium range where everyone just spams HEAT or HE at each other.

I also tried the 60TP for a few games, because it's strong hull-down, has HEAT, and can HE spam effectively. The problem is the gun is so troll, some games none of the shots connect at all.

Is anyone actually having success playing heaviums? How do you position to actually use the speed before it turns into a battle of hull-down monsters that have better depression? Any other suggestions for a purple recent/blue overall player who does best in heavies and mediums?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/dr2j1q/what_to_play_in_ranked/

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