What’s your worst night of Ranked battles?

What's everyone's worst ranked battles story? I'm curious to know if others go on terrible, soul crushing runs as well.

Here's my story from last night. Win my first battle, get a chevron (+1 more for bonus battle). Win my second battle while missing my last three shots, and finish 11th. At this point, I'm 1 chevron away from rank 5 in second division, the permanent rank. I then proceeded to lose 16 of my next 20 battles, and lost all 10 chevrons I had in the process, going all the way to rank 0 and even having one loss negated by the "shield." I finished the night by winning three chevrons to get back to Rank 1.

I'm now markedly worse off than I was before starting my second division battles because I incurred 16 losses in 20 games, hit rank 0, and had no more bonus battles. Most of those games were absolute stomps, as were most of my wins. What are other people's worst experiences?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/miklxl/whats_your_worst_night_of_ranked_battles/

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