Wheeled light tanks are the worst edition to the game. Change my mind.

I get it. It’s loads of fun to run around in fast tanks, snapshotting in the move. Hell, more than half my battles on my account are from LT gameplay. This style of play is difficult to play well but is really rewarding when you do. Wg’s addition of the wheeled light line, however, completely changed the meta of the way the game used to be played. Now, there are tanks wizzing around the battle field at 80-95kph, snapshotting with high pen HE on the move. Their low view range and high camo values push more inexperienced players to suiscout, or to rush and kill arty in first minute. With the speed they are going, only those with good aim can put an end to these lil buggers. For the better players, they can really utilize the great dpm the tank has with HE or the decent dpm with standard shells. All this has made regular active spotting and passive spotting LTs take the back seat. I’ve had about 100 battles in a reroll account in my EBR, and I just don’t see how this style of play is good for the current state of the game. Did WG think wheeled tanks were seriously a good idea?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/dirk5s/wheeled_light_tanks_are_the_worst_edition_to_the/

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