Why AMX 50 100 is “Heavy” ?

I really regret grinding this tech line. I suffered a lot with ARL 44, then it was AMX M4 45 which was a pure horror to grind, but all my friends told me "You'll have hard time grinding the line, but when you will get autoloader it will be awesome and fun".

But it's the same as other tanks of this line. Those are not even close to be an "Heavy" tank, it's maybe a "Light tank" to the best since it have absolutely 0 armor even when I'm top tier everything pen me and even if I angle the tank.

The cannon is pure pain it pen absolutely nothing I bounce on everything except against light and medium. And it have a crazy reloading time considering that with autoloader apparently only 2 shot on 6 pen. I have 60sec of reloading with the 100mm. Sometime I just get rushed by other heavy when they realize I have to reload.

Damn, does the next tank of this line will be the same pain to grind ? It took me a lot of time to grind this line and I seriously regret all of those tanks. I have the feeling I lost my time I can't even go in front line since everything pen me and against Tier IX/X I'm just useless because I always bounce.

Does the next tank is good ?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/noycxa/why_amx_50_100_is_heavy/

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