“why cAn’t I gEt A CHiEf tAnk WG shOULd jUst gIvE EvEryOnE rEwArd tAnks”

Why can't i be fielded in battles/ I'm not getting enough battles?

  • Chances are if you aren't being fielded either your clan is too small to field multiple teams or you might not have enough experience or maybe you've just pissed off the callers and have been benchied, it is not realistic to join a clan with no experience at competitive play and expect to recieve a tank just for playing cw.

Why do we lose to clans that are lower Elo when our team has better players

  • Player skill isn't the only thing that effects the outcome of the battles in competitive play. The calls, and ability to follow through without having your tank mirco'ed, as well as the ability to play certain key tanks (arty, Ebr, offside tanks) without being told what to do is critical to winning some battles.

How do i compete with the reward tanks/why can't my team win with just 140/277

  • not all maps are made equally, Chieftains are key to a successfull clan wars map, but often only 2-5 are needed depending on map, with coordinated play 140/277 pushes can often prove the deciding factor in games, however expecting to win battles when all you your team is just 140/277/ebr is foolish and demonstrates a lack of ability to innovate and utilitize the rest of the tech trees. if you find yourself playing on maps where chieftans are the meta, perhaps play different maps or change your strategy to not be reliant on 8 chieftans (el haluf)

just some random thoughts I had while browsing the discords as the title meme spreads.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/l1dps5/why_cant_i_get_a_chief_tank_wg_should_just_give/

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