Why do people sleep on the IDES 15/16?

The tier 10 swedish medium tank, the UDES 15/16, is a vehicle that I seldom see on the battlefield and even less talked about on forums and this subreddit. This is very surprising, considering its stats. Compared to the 430U, a tank which most consider to be one of the best mediums at tier 10, the swede has better DPM, better gun handling, massively better gun depression, marginally better mobility and very similar hull armor. The only true downside is that it has 10 meters less viewrange. I feel that this tank goes a bit under the radar.

Note: The two tanks' hull armor is comparable in that they both have pretty great turrets and upper hulls, but bad lower plates. Also I have not played either of the tanks, although I am currently at the tier 9 swedish medium. So essentially what I'm asking is this: Is there something about the 430U that makes it the better choice than the 15/16 that can only be shown in practice and not on the statsheet?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/gu2die/why_do_people_sleep_on_the_ides_1516/

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