Why is it that the worst players never answer direct messages?

It seems like every time I see a very bad player who does very bad decisions and I try to contact them, they never answer. Don't get me wrong I'm not insulting them, I'm very polite to 'em. I'm just asking like why didn't you help me out or why are you spamming HE in low-caliber guns.

Today I encountered E-100 on my team as top tier (+2mm) on Ruinberg. He had 1 top gun in 18k games and 44wr%. I gently asked him after the lost game, why he only spammed HE (+2mm) and why he let tier 8 heavy flank us. And like all the other "bad players" he didn't answer.

He could have literally just go around corner and kill that alone being tier 8 with two AP or HEAT shells. Instead, he didn't do anything (didn't even shoot tanks in front of him) Eventually the tier 8 got reinforcements and they managed to kill us both. I was playing T95 so I really couldn't turn around cuz I was fighting tanks in front of me.

As a side question, I'm wondering how can people have +20k games and play like they have 1k? Are they just playing aimlessly and never learning from mistakes?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/lmq29w/why_is_it_that_the_worst_players_never_answer/

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