A look at the new M9A3 Beretta

So like a lot of you, I was curious as to what the over/under on the M9 was. After all, peacekeeper selling a new pistol at LL1 means that it can get a lot of early game usage, especially while modding is a concern.

So what does it look like in comparison to the other two "starter" pistols, a P226 and a Grach?

V. Recoil520475500
H. Recoil325296272

If you're looking at this chart, you're probably realizing what I did: The Beretta isn't really better or worse than the other two except in one place:

It can mount a suppressor by default, without requiring an aftermarket barrel.

Modded gun parts are really hard to come by sometimes in the early game, when money is tight and loyalty levels are even tighter. Now let's look at the sight pictures:

As you can see, M9's sights rise somewhat higher and are blockier, which leads to less precision but more visibility. Like the P226 and unlike the Grach, they are also moddable, so expect glowing sights in the future.

So what's the conclusion? I dunno, man, you draw a conclusion. I just think it's neat, and it risks being overshadowed by the Five-Seven. I hadn't seen a post like this here, so I thought I'd just throw one together real fast.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dok1h1/a_look_at_the_new_m9a3_beretta/

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