am i the ony one that feel the game is too linear?

like its doesnt realy feel like a sandbox where you can go everywhere at the start and do what you want you need to do what they told you too or you will not be able to defeat anybody idk i just feel like they hold your hand a bit too much and doesnt let you do what you want by putting each biome at different lvl and putting different ressource in each one whit the same rarity as copper its shoulld be a litle bit more random where you can find every ore everywhere but whit some being more rare than other its would be more fun and rewarding when having a powerfull armor than mining giant block of silver that are not rare at all the same way you mine copper like a litle bit like mineraft where diamon is rare than iron etc would make exploring a lot more rewarding too you dont just have to go to one biome island find everything you need than leave for the next one youl have to exlore the map a lot more and it would be a lot more fun endgame when passing by low lvl area


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