Elder Boss Base?

So, I’m currently at the Bronze Age, playing my first game solo. I have a decently sized base, but nothing crazy.

I just recently found where the Elder spawn is on my map, and man, it’s in an interesting spot — it’s right smack-dab next to a swamp, a mountain, a plains biome, and a meadow. With it being in a Black Forest itself, I believe that’s all the biomes in the game currently, no?

My idea is basically using the spawn structure with the pillars and such as the foundation for a base — after I beat the boss, of course. The pillars are free support and the fire doesn’t need fuel to keep going, plus the aforementioned access to the other biomes.

What do you think? Any ideas? My only real concern is how I’d go about troll defense — I don’t think I’ll need to fight the elder twice, so that’s not too much of a concern.

Thanks in advice!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/midr2r/elder_boss_base/

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