Finding Yagluth suggestion

Valheim Guide: How to Acquire Strongest Weapon in the Game

It's my first playthrough, and my friend and I'd been looking for Yagluth in the plains. Before finding the vegvisir, we found the runestone with Harald, chronicling his fights with the other bosses, and it ends with "Now my last battle must be at hand. When I sleep this time, where will I wake?". Since we weren't 100% sure finding Yagluth would be the same as the other bosses, we took that as a hint that we needed to sleep in the plains, something most people wouldn't have done, or thought of, since they'd have an established base at this point.

So, my idea is to make it that when you sleep in the plains, you get sent to a small dream world of sorts (not sure if making it easy or difficult would be better) could add a lot of depth to the last boss, rather than it being 'go to new biome, find structure, find vegvisir'. With it being the final boss atm, I was hoping for some atmosphere and puzzle solving difficulty thrown in.


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