For anyone who has ever had issues with learning and stafing – try usb floor pedals

I've always had an issue with strafing and leaning in all games:

  • wsad / qe: feels the most natural, but I can't master strafing and leaning or make it feel comfortable.

I looked online to see what other tarkov players did:

  • wsad with lean mapped to mouse: I already use various functions in tarkov on the mouse
  • wsad with lean mapped to v / b or where your thumb comfortable rests which I always felt like I pressed space by mistake or clipped it.


USB foot pedals:

Mapped the outer pedals to q / e and it's the most comfortable I have felt with leaning and strafing. I have more enjoyable fire fights now and don't feel I'm losing due to my fingers getting in a twist. Of course this might be common knowledge, but for people who it isn't and they are having issues, I really do suggest trying it out!


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