Gear fear – sharing tips

I want to share my way of dealing with gear fear in EFT

First: You have what you get

Or chain of loot. Basically, whatever you get in raid = your gear for next raid. If you are on the run with good raids, your gear will evolve. The first gear to start that chain is always a pistol. I suggest supressed TT.
There is couple rules for that as well:

1) You never collect gear in stash for later. All the gear that is an extra = cash.

2) You sell (or collect for hideout and quests) everything (and i mean everything) that doesn't fit your current gear. Example – found a VSS in early game? Sell it, you can't afford to have ammo, be rational.

This way was both fun and money making for me, without stressing much

Second: Splinter celling

This one is my favorite right now, as there is literally no cheaters in game, feels too good to play hide and seek. The rules are more about tactics, which do work for any combat situation.

1) You have to buy yourself a nightvision / active headphones and silenced weapon, and go to locations (except Factory) at night, from 22:00 to 04:00.

2) You can now easier kill AI (without flashlight) and hide from people, just keep the distance above 10m (golden rule, learned the hard way)

3) Change your walk speed to slower, so everyone can't hear you well. Run when it is necessary.

4) When you kill someone, wait, listen, don't rush it.

5.) Flee if got noticed, hide, wait, listen.


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