How to find your way in the Woods

Woods after the expansion is a pretty huge map combing with the fact that most of the expansion area are the forest like everywhere in the woods it's easy to get lost into. Here are the tips and tricks on how to figure your way out in the woods

Compass + Map

Assuming you still need a map to navigate around the woods (I still do too) having a compass is a godsend since you can figure out the general way you want to head to although you might want to find a landmark that you recognize to pinpoint your location.

Just the map

Now assuming you want to get the compass via search mission quest or don't have a compass but still have some business at woods, here's the another way to pinpoint where you are


Like I said before, using a landmark is a pinpoint your location and then use that to visualize the direction you want to go to. Remember that big minefield areas are at west and southwest

Sun & Moon placement

Yes I'm serious, I used this technique before and it works. Basically you need to remember the time you came in to the raid.

  • If the time is before 12:00 then the sun should face the east, after that it'll face the west
  • If the time is before 00:00 then the moon should face the east, after that it'll face the west

Unless the weather is cloudy, foggy or rainy, you should have no problem using this technique to guide your way to the destination you set out to go to.


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