How to properly use discord in Randoms

here is a way to make among us stay fun for others while being on call

  1. i think this is the one everyone knows but some people still do. don't say who killed you unless you have a friend like me who follows rule 3 you can ruin the game for the imposters and people who like finding evidence.
  2. its ok while your alive to say stuff like can you watch me scan while on call and blue just scanned guys so he is safe (don't say the second if your dead) you can say stuff that you would say in meetings.
  3. if your bad friends *cough cough* Xjahxa (his discord name) *cough cough* tell people to vote you out, keeping it a secret just makes meetings boring because unless they vent in front of you or kill in front of you, you cant contribute.
  4. oh and make sure if your the imposter next round if your friend says who killed him, try get him alone in electrical or turn off the lights (bonus points for both at the same time).

anyway some ways to make it even better make an among us server with you and your friends and make a ghost chat during gameplay your muted and when you die you stay on call the main call till a dead-body or meeting is called then switch to ghost.

oh i also want to share this: the friend i listed above made an among us review on steam and he uh said only downside is discord teamers, i think you know where this is going but when its not just us 2 on call he will reveal who killed him. also can i say he always dies early game and i will only ever get voted out when i die its annoying i want to see the imposter kill animations.

oh and my final message dont hate on the people who tell the crew (while yes they can be better) hate on the people who reveal who killed them.

anyway my guide on how to act while on among us Randoms on call is over (also tell me if number 2 is still a bit too cheat I want to know i think its ok as long as your not telling who the imp is or being like its somebody on call or its not one of us)


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