I made a NO dig, No hoe, hill side fortification, to harass and delay mobs, using caped embankments, walk ways and bridges. This can give you the same amount of protection as a moat with out using the pick or hoe.*(yes even trolls, just keep moving ) This is not about a 100% denial areas.

Lots of people liked my cattle gate bridge. So here is bunch more. The image has 8 bridge ideas All can be traversed easily by the player, only the wide timber flooring bridge is travelled buy mobs. *via the gate

Mob safe bridge concepts.

Note there is open spaces in the Stone capped slopes and low walls. All allow you to funnel the mobs in to a kill zone or a safe place to ride out events, Using timber 1/2 wall facing is an early warning of attack damage by mobs. Its ugly but you know were to action repairs and a makes placing stone easier. The player and jump up and down in almost any location

I made a video with demonstrations, of the bridges, how to check if a slope is mob safe – To check to see if your moat will work. This video is about harass and delay design features so you can handle mobs and move them around your fortification, in to your kill zones, away from you workshops and storage. Any wall works to a point, but the mobs will hammer at it trying to reach you, creating damage. You can stop the damage if they follow you. Use your bridges and short cuts to lead them around your keep, protecting it from harm. Or until your ready to kill them for their drops.

https://youtu.be/3dDcCVNGGBM <- Its got some rough edits. Its 26 minutes long. But it has Lots of mob tricks. Eg A troll can not step up or down a 1m edge but a greydwarf brute will happily step down 2m. But will not step down off a capped slope. But can't step up either.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/ncrgq3/i_made_a_no_dig_no_hoe_hill_side_fortification_to/

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