Idea – Talismans

An idea I had while farming Wood/Stone in the meadows. I was being attacked by greydwarves and their cousins pretty regularly, which at this point for me, is just an annoyance. I would like to see some system introduced to allow the greydwarves to become non-aggressive (or maybe afraid) towards players.

I believe a type of talisman, equipable piece of equipment for a "neck" slot would be reasonable. Either make it craftable or sold by the merchant. The cost would require you to show some ability to kill the type of creature it wards against, such as requiring trophies, metals etc.

Their could be a variety of talismen each wardin againt types of creatures such as; greydwarves, boar and deer, necks, trolls, skeletons, Draugr, blobs and oozes, wraiths, drakes, wolves, elementals, fulings, deathsquitos, lox, etc. Only one type of talisman would be equipable at a time.

Just my thoughts. Thanks for reading.


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