Maypoles, Flower/Berry Spawns, & Seed Crops should increase honey yield.

Toss in any and all ideas that you think would be good additions or make the game more fun, balanced etc. Never know what the Devs may read and be like hmm, how did we not think of that. I've yet to finish the game so just ignore if I have something listed that is indeed in the game and I just haven't discovered it yet. Happy Heiming.

-More Wildlife: Bears, Rabbits/Hares, Skunks, Lynx, Moose, Fox etc.

-Wildlife traps. Claw trap, rope trap etc. Specific ones for certain animals.

-More Tamable wildlife: Goats? Mate em, milk em, put em in a stew.

-Waterfalls and more variety in ground topography would be neat. Gorges, Cliffs etc

-Hooded rain cape that prevents getting wet when raining

-Plantable berry seeds/bushes

-Apple trees with pickable apples and plantable apple seeds

-More veggies to plant. Cabbage, potatoes, corn etc

-Ability to select/highlight multiple tamed animals and tell them to move to another location


-Armor dummies for displaying armor and weapons

-Training dummies for leveling up weapon and unarmed skills.

-A few kinds of Cestus gloves and metal (brass) knuckles to make it more worthwhile to train unarmed skill.

-Bolas or some type of trip wire to temporarily knock down trolls.

Keep adding on folks!


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