Just a few QOL improvements I think would go a long way

These are just a few Quality of Life improvements I think would go a long way.

– One more zoom in level to make it 1st person. It is definitely easier to do stuff like cooking in first person, along with some other things. Plus, sailing your boat in first person… that's a sight to see.

– There is still a bit of a delay from when you change the name of a portal and where it actually links you to. You could change the name, hop in the next split second, and still arrive back where it originally took you with no way back.

– Deposit existing items button for chests. Only items you currently have in the chest will be deposited.

– A garbage can (Toss into a bonfire maybe?)

– While in creative, no stamina loss when building

Might as well add some other things I could think of – Not necessarily QOL stuff

– Stone walls cost are based on the number of squares they cover. A 1x1x1 should only use 1 stone, whereas the 4x2x1 should use 8; stone floor 2x1x2 should be 4 stones. Of course, this can be relative to what ever, so lets say the 1x1x1 is 2 stones instead, the 4x2x1 should be 16. Hopefully something like this changes in the Home and Hearth update, along with more walls and such. Maybe a floor tile that has the same graphics as the wall.

– Hardcore mode (Set for server). You have to eat, else you die, Being cold without clothes, you will take damage, and die. Non-teleportables can only be used if they were mined in that world and not taken out to a different world.

– I can understand for progression the need to add more iron into your pick… but adding pretty much a ton of it (960 weight) into a pick that only weights 2.

– Fishing rod can also be build with wood/thread

– Bone tools

– I know this one is going to be an ongoing challenge with the devs, just cuz us (the players) can be… cheesy. I guess try and find ways the players can cheese a boss and one up the players. Like, Bonemass you can build a treehouse and pelt frost arrows down on him, and you take no damage. For me, Eikthyr, well, he is the first boss. Elder was pretty tough, at least when I first did him. Bonemass I cheesed, Moder was pretty easy, just avoiding attacks and shooting with an arrow. Yagluth was refreshingly hard, as I had to deal with the enemies in the plains as well. My suggestion would be to add "ghost" spawns that scale with how many players there are. The enemies don't drop items as I can see it as an easy way to farm items. Oh, and they can fly. Bonemass has a constant acid rain AOE that will break buildings. With only 5 bosses and a ways to go for the next, we might as well make it a challenge.

Any other things you can think of? Thoughts?

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