Just some calculations i made for myself. Decided to share if someone else finds useful.

Car medkit 6k x 2 = 12k

3x Pile of meds = 30k every 23min = 6x Pile of meds/h = 60k/h = 3h 18x pile of meds = 4 Pack of Sugar = 160k/3h = 53k/h

Cant craft enough withing 3 hours. buy pile of meds below 10k if market has.

Therapist Trade: 4x Pile of meds for Pack of sugar sells 30-40k per (Limit 10x each 3hours)

Buy Pack of Sugar under 40k if market has.

Water filter 30k = Superwater 5h 140K = about 30k/h

Moonshine 240k/3h = 80k/h

1 hour 30 minutes crafting meds (6x Car medkit = 36k) = 2x Sugar
Every 5h Superwater (Superwater price is steady) (4h30min 6xSugar only 2 needed. Excess supply is pushing down the price, already happening. Buy below 20k instead of crafting)

buy 2x sugar below 20k each or craft Pile of meds 1h 30min and trade 2 sugar from therapist to make
40k 2xsugar (if crafted 1h30min)
Superwater 5h
Moonshine 3h

Sell at a stage where market has demand.

240k/8h Moonshine sell at around 240k


140k/5h Superwater sell at around 140k


4x pack of sugar 160k/3h sell at around 40k


18x pile of meds 180k/3h sell at around 10k

Buying 2x Sugar + Superwater = 200-220k spent – Moonshine 240k market price/Production time 3h = 7-15k/3h NOT WORTH IT

Sell where is demand, Dont oversupply market.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/e1lko9/just_some_calculations_i_made_for_myself_decided/

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