Little motivation for new players from new player

Ola, I got the game about a week ago and from the gameplay videos I have watched before, I was really hyped to play but…

After I started playing I did realized very soon that I quite didn't got the message. So after first straight 6 hours of play time I was on the verge of uninstalling the game.

But still happy to support the developers because considering that, it's beta and how is the state of development presented – hats off.

First off, I got shredded by guy on Shoreline radar station and then I got this message


So the motivation part:

  1. Community is great, you will find lot of tips on reddit. Excellent maps with documentation on loot spawns, SCAV spawns, keys cabinets, etc.
  2. Whenever possible, play as SCAV.
  3. Don't hang on your best equipment – don't keep your AK-74M with silencer, optics and flashlight you found somewhere because first time you will take it to battle, it's gone. The same goes for mods parts. Sell it. Buy IFAKs, med kits, ammo for cheaper weapons, etc so you can quickly hop into next round.
  4. When you get familiar with some map, play at night. Chances that you will be able to get to extraction greatly increase. Maps have significant landmarks, so don't worry about navigation.
  5. Take everything till your inventory is full, select later. You might be forced to run for exfil later.
  6. If playing as SCAV, observe other SCAVs first before approaching them, if they walk slower and look in meaningless directions you are safe, it's AI. If they run, eat, heal or look look at you too much it's another player so run or shoot them.
  7. Don't wiggle, it just doesn't work/not worth doing it 😀
  8. If you want to sell something, check for the prices on different vendors – check Therapist first, the difference between her and other vendors can be 20-50% (my observation).
  9. Keep shotguns, thotguns are always fine..
  10. Barter is usually not worth but anyway, check first.
  11. Buy edge of darkness edition if you can. You will support developers and you will get gamma container which will keep your loot even if you are killed. Other perks are just a bonus 🙂
  12. If you are getting killed too much take a break, stretch, play later and HAVE FUN 🙂
  13. Everybody hates hatchet runners.

Don't take this too seriously it's my point of view as newbie, you might choose different approach.

Have fun and thank your help so far.


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