Little trick to avoid buying weapons case for attachments

I know many of you probably know this, but if this helps even one person my goal will of been achieved. So here's the trick.

Buy a "MPPV" Rig, and an item to label it (optional)

Here's the space of the rig / what the rig might look like when done

Buy the "AKM (6P1 Sb.1-2) gas tube" from mechanic 1 for about 2k rubles.

Buy the X47 from skeir 3 (or the market they're about the same price about 20k rubles)

Buy the "NcStar MRP45 Backup mount" from peacekeeper 2 for 69 dollars.

Then assemble the gas tube to the X47, then attach the backup mount to the X47, then stash into rig. At time of post these prices are accurate, as well as the info. If youre seeing this later on down the line, things may have changed. Hope this helps!


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