More Med changes: Golden Star Nerf & Ibuprofen 15 use

Recent medical changes as of Jan 18th 2021
-Ibuprofen: 15 use instead of 12
-Golden Star: -15 Energy instead of -10 energy | Duration of 350 sec with a 20 sec fade-out
-Vaseline: 6 uses instead of 10 | Duration of 300 sec with a 50 sec fade-out
-Painkillers: Duration of 80 sec with a 15 sec fade-out
-IFAK: Heals heavy bleeds for 210hp/300hp
-Salewa: Heals heavy bleed for 175hp/400hp

Fade-out is when the 'on painkiller' effect icon will start to flash, during this time if you take any damage you will lose the 'on painkiller' effect.

Link for my healing guide chart:
This link will always hold the most up to date version of the image and list of changes, feel free to share. Morphine is on a separate chart for injectors/stimulants that will be posted at a later time.

Thoughts on all the tweaks to med items?


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