My Moder story! With a valuable non spoiler boss battle tip at the end.

Maypoles, Flower/Berry Spawns, & Seed Crops should increase honey yield.

I posted last week or so that my friend and I got molested by five wolves causing us to lose gear at the Moder boss location. In trying to retrieve that gear we died a couple more times with blueberries, a frost resistance and a boar meat. Didn't go too well…..

We retreated to our home across the water and spent half a weekend restoring and resupplying the gear we'd need to recover. A quarter way up the mountain: MODER!

"But he's supposed to be at the top!" I yelled over to buddy before running down to our temporary base camp located in the Black Forest. Which was inevitably decimated with a single dose of bad breathe from our flying foe.

There was no choice other than to upgrade our level of safety from this disgusting wyrm by hopping on our longship, which took us out of his reach. With a defensive arrow knocked, my friend calls out, "Let's grab our food from basecamp and header home to make arrows!"

Sure enough, once we're 20 yards from shoreline that gigantic health bar is back, full of course, and doucher dragon is now flying at us until something incredible happened…. He got his ground game on.

Well shit, after that there was not much to worry about while being on a boat with him swimming after us. Too far for swipes and dragon breathe alike. We got away and turned back so he could chase us further into the ocean.

With Moders ass in the water, it made for an easy gear recovery at his spawn point. We set sail to bring him onto a land where we can fight him. Before we know it, this brutal bastard is in OUR playground, destroying our boat just as we hit land. A strip of meadows across from his kingdom is where we brought him before slaying him in front of the grey dwarves. No wolves chasing us, and no drakes slinging Slurpees.

We took the dragons head and forgot about that damned mountain where Odin almost forced our fight. Remember: take every advantage in battle because your enemy will not fight fair.


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