Need help with ideas for Dirty Hippie Mode

Walheim: how to make delicious mead and what it is for

What is Dirty Hippie Mode, DHM for short?

So I came back after hearth and home to play with friends on a server and all we have left is the last boss and my own dumb/masochistic crusade to fully explore the map and things will be done content wise very soon. Ya I could play some of the other games on my steam list orrrrrrr I could do something different on valheim.

I am not a fan of dying to trees while cutting wood and sometimes my potato pc lags and I get clipped by the only true boss and god in the game, the falling tree. Instead I end up grabbing branches anytime I see them and harvesting a lot of logs and stumps. What if we extrapolated this out though and just became a dirty hippie? By that I mean, no hunting, you can defend yourself if you are being attacked (Jesus said turn the other cheek, Odin probably said use your special attack). Also in the vein of peace, love and dirty hippyness that would mean no chopping down the forest man. If a rampaging boss. troll or lox do it while chasing you than its a act of god and its already down so like, its classified as a log now. Not to suggest when you need fine wood you take a troll on a merry chase thru some birch, thats just kind of a scouts honor thing and if you cheat then you are only cheating yourself so whatever.

How would you get to kill Eikthyr or summon them though is my question if you are not hunting? Ya I know if you are wandering the black forest or near a mountain you can sometimes find the hides/trophies of animals slaughtered by wolves and the rest but that should be a lot of fun to attempt with nothing in the way of armor since you don't have the ability to mine copper and tin yet or hide from hunting deer, so what is the work around for that or am I just running and dying in mountains hoping odin is kind and I find that on the ground?

TLDR: trying to come up with a rule set challenge for replay in which you play like a dirty hippie and do not cut down trees or hunt, you are just living off the land and what odin provides


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