Performance fix for buttery smooth gameplay (AMD GPU with Freesync + Chill)

So I've been struggling with performance forever, having high FPS but still sloppy gameplay. Applied every fix, tinkered with every setting, still choppy.

That is, until I finally tried Freesync with Radeon Chill activated. Holy shit. The game now runs like CS or UT or whatever other super fast paced shooter.

Here's what I did:

– Turned on Freesync on the monitor (requires it to have it in the first place)

– Changed my monitors refresh rate from 144hz to 120 fps (to match the games FPS cap)

– Vsync OFF in both the game and AMD Adrenaline

– Freesync ON in AMD Adrenaline

– Radeon Chill ON in AMD Adrenaline

– Radeon Chill Min FPS 95 and Max FPS 121 (Try out which Min FPS works best for you)

– Disable fullscreen optimizations and Override high DPI scaling behaviour in the .exe

I'm using a Radeon 5700 XT with Auto Undervolt. Hopefully this can help someone else!


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  • navrodh 20.01.2021 in 22:34

    It was the monitor HZ for me, once i set it 120 fps everything worked great.
    Thank you very much for the post!
    btw i have an rx5700

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