Respawning Ore (Copper/Silver maybe Iron)

Problem: Temporary Bases for gathering ores.

Solution: Respawning Ores

The lessons you learn from the first time is that bases can be very temporary.  You find your copper nodes, you build a temporary base to mine and smelter then you move to a new base.  The same goes for Silver, and even Iron.  However, Black Metal Iron is not like that at all as you can get the scraps from Furlings.  This impacts your bases and your investment in your bases.

In my second run, my bases became minimal.  My copper mining base was put under a single rock in the forest and a palisade outside to surround the smelter and forge.

So there are certain resources that you move to get as they spawn in limited amounts in nodes.  This lends to moving around to get to new nodes and that means low investment in building a base.

I would suggest that resource respawning in limited amounts be considered.  Thus finding a location with multiple nodes is where you set up your base and once cleared out, they can respawn new resources in limited amounts.  Enough to supply you for future crafting and thus encouraging you to return to your base.  Perhaps you need to construct a special item to work with respawned materials.

Remember, the idea is to encourage players to invest in a more permanent base over mining and dashing.



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