Struggling with Jaeger quests?

Hi everybody!

Link to my youtube video Tarkov shooter part 7 – last kill :

Reason why i made this video is this:

I see people are getting frustrated with quests from Jaeger (especially mosin quests) and i can understand why. (For example this thread:

I enjoy this game like no other. A lot. All of it (well.. mby not all of it?). That's why i decided to start filming (started recording today..) my gaming for you guys who are frustrated with the missions. I have found few innovative ways of doing the missions and want to share them with you. Maybe you will find the fun i am having with the game if you check the video and find new ideas. The game is great and it can be played million ways.

I know its not mind blowing and the shooting in the video is not really that great either but however you might find my positioning and playing something you haven't thought before. Video is a bit long but i tried to rewind the parts that were absolutely unnecessary. However it's the whole map pretty much unedited.

Feel free to comment if you think its great or if you think its shit.


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