TarkovTracker now with live groups, dark mode

Hey all! I wanted to throw up an update on tarkovtracker.io – If you don't know what it is, its a free webapp (Thanks to some awesome Patrons!) for tracking your progress through an EFT wipe. You put in your quests, and it will show you data like how many quests are locked in a certain line, all of the items you'll ever need, and skills you need to be working on.

First, I want to thank roman-bytes – he's a developer who helped me get a proper dark mode & pretty slick design for the tracker. I know that was the biggest complaint of many, so all the thanks & praise for that goes to him! Gone are the days of being blinded by a flash of white while tabbing to the tracker (unless you want that, I guess).

Live Teams are here – log in to the tracker, and the progress data you set is stored in the cloud, its synchronized automatically, which open up live team sync. Head over to the settings page, create a team, and invite your friends with a URL. Now, whenever you or they update any progress, its instantly synchronized and updated. You can see what quests, objectives, and items your teammates need. Hopefully soon you'll even be able to use RatScanner to automatically check if you or a teammate needs an item when you scan an item.

Live Teams Settings

Turn on Show Team Quests, and optionally Show Team Objectives, and you'll be able to see what quests are available, locked, and completed by your teammates in real time, along which specific objectives they need to complete.

Live Teams Quest/Objective Progress Sync

Over at the needed items page, there will be a group icon which pops up for items which one or more of your teammate need. If you mouse over the icon, you'll see who and how many of the item they need.

Needed items with team progress

A couple other quick things – the tracker is almost ready to be open sourced. There's a couple last things that need to be re-written as I don't have rights to redistribute the source for them, but I expect I'll be able to get that done in my free time in the next couple weeks. So if you're interested in helping out, soon it will be open for the playing.

Also – coming Soon(TM) is maps with quest objective locations placed dynamically on top, for you and your teammates. Instead of asking where your friends need to go on a map for your quests, have a quick minimap with all of the points noted for you.

Please leave any feedback about the new features on the Tracker discord! Its important for me to know what works, but more importantly what doesn't work well when it comes to improving the tool!

Good luck in your raids!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/mecamd/tarkovtracker_now_with_live_groups_dark_mode/

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