Tired of constantly trying to scrape a few fps in Tarkov?

TL;DR – Use Nvidia GeForce experience to "optimize" settings.

So for a long time I've always heard that utilizing your components or making sure you're using 65-85% of cpu/gpu when gaming but I didn't know why.

I've watched many vids teaching about how to get good frames, my rig is no beast but she does honest work.

GTX 1070 (When I bought it was labeled 1080… Think I got a knock off), 32gb ram, Ryzen 5 2500.

By no means did I think this rig was capable of pulling decent frames because every time I screwed with higher settings I would get mega studders. I had tried every streamers advice I could find and to avail, and in previous patches my Nvidia would optimize my game to like mid to low settings and it would get about 32-38 frames with stutters.

As of 12.12 the optimization tool in GeForce put my game up to pretty high standards, I get about 40+ frames and no stutters plus my game looks sick.

Been playing since 2016, game has never looked and ran better in my life, thank you Geforce experience and your optimization tool!!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/rh47d4/tired_of_constantly_trying_to_scrape_a_few_fps_in/

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