To all my homies who keep getting popped on Interchange and don’t know why.

Previous thread here.

Here's my attempt at making a heatmap for the spawns on Interchange. Find it here.

I decided to overlay the parking garage and show the heatmap in there, as it's actually pretty hard to sprint all the way into Ultra/Oli/Idea/Goshan in the first 30 seconds of the raid. The hopes is that new players can use this to figure out where to look as they approach the mall and enter the parking garage. I left the Ultra map on the left, overlaid on top of the parking garage, just to help players orient themselves.

I averaged a few of the stacked spawns that are unlikely to put two teams directly next to each other into a bigger oval that shows the total reach of all of the combined spawns in 30 seconds.

Why 30 seconds? A few reasons. First, even with an SJ6 or maxed out strength, you won't necessarily sprint substantially faster, just further. So while at one minute a stimmed-out player can be almost anywhere in the map, making an attempt like this useless, in the first 30 seconds pretty much everyone is still going to be near their spawns.

Second, this is to help players figure out a plan for their first few minutes of a raid within the first ten seconds. Did they get a bad spawn that has lots of overlap with other spawns? Maybe they should hang back. Did they get a pretty good spawn but it's in the corner? Get out of spawn in a direction that has less chance for overlap, or hang back and wait for players to enter your "circle" for an ambush.

Again, this just shows possible locations for other PMC's after spawn. It doesn't show line of sight, and can thus be a little misleading. Scav camp on the left looks like an gg ez clap run-right-in spawn, but it's across a giant empty parking lot, and I've had a lot of deaths just trying to get into the fucking mall. I've actually had better luck pushing down to the traffic circle, which puts me in range with other players, or up and around the corner to railway, in case I can catch anybody from behind as they make a beeline for Idea.

Again, comments and feedback are very welcome. Thanks for your time.


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