Too Dark? Wind too Loud? Try This

Hi All,

Been playing a couple years now with "standard" settings. A lot of areas were extremely dark and visibility was poor. Sometimes I would get shot and it made me question how I was seen in the first place.

Then there is the sound, the howling wind at the start of a game is enough to make one deaf. Once you got into the game, it wasn't as bad but it was still ridiculous. I didn't understand how people could hear so well, even with comtacs.

I always play this game with my brother. He would always have to listen to me complain about the wind and he would say something like "Its bad, but not that bad." I accepted it at first, but then just could stand it anymore.

Anyways, if you have any of these issues. I would try these settings below.

Hopefully this will help someone else out that is also struggling and if it does let me know!


Options -> Game Tab

FOV – 75
Head Bobbing – 0.2

Graphics Tab

Texture Quality: Med
Shadows Quality: Low
LOD: 4
Overall Visibility: 3000
Shadow Visibility: Lowest
AntiAliasing: TAA
Resampling: 1x off
HBAQ: off
SSR: off
Anisotropic Filtering: On
Sharpness: 1.5
Check – HighQualityColor
Uncheck – Z-blur
Uncheck – Chrom. aberrations
Uncheck – Noise
Uncheck – Grass Shadows


Check – Enable PostFX
Brightness – 100
Saturation: 0
Clarity: 0
Colorfulness: 48
Luma sharpen: 100
Adaptive sharpen: 0
Color Grading: None
Intensity: 50

Sound Tab

Overall vol: 100
Interface vol: 10
Music vol: 10
Hideout vol: 10

Ridiculous Loud Wind/Sounds

Unfortunately for this section, I don't have any quick tips or changes. For people that experience this, they understand how loud it is. You really have to experience it to understand. I barely could hear my brother talk over discord once that wind hit.

So I will just share my experience and the steps I took to fix it. Maybe you could follow something similar, depending on what headset you use. You may have EQ Software you can download to change the presets.

I have been playing this game with a Sony Wired Stereo headset for most of my time in game, nothing fancy at all. For Christmas, my wife picked me up a G431 Logitech headset. I was super stoked and HOPED the wind would die with this new headset.

I plugged it in, launched Tarkov and got HIT in the ears with the damn wind. Still the same, just a new pair of ear muffs. It was a sad day lol.

Anyway, to cut the story short.

If you use a Logitech headset, like the one above (g431). You NEED to download the Logitech G Hub. This will save your ears, at least I hope so.

Once you have G hub installed, here are the settings to use:

Headphones -> Acoustics

Enable Advanced EQ
Preset -> FPS

Headphones -> Surround Sound

Enable Surround Sound
Surround Mode: Gaming

Obviously, this is to Logitech specific headsets but for other people having sound issues, your headset may have its own software to help.

After these changes, I feel I am playing a totally different games. Sound is super Crisp and I am actually able to see a bit in buildings.

I hope this helps,

Take care!



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