V1.0 idea for maximum replayability

Hej allesammen! It dawned to me when I was tempted to port my (L3) bronze axe from another world (that I played at with other buddies), that it may improve my QoL in this world. What I later realized, is that it made me reduce my copper mining trips to a single one without even taking a cart. After some time some of my other buddies have been appearing with other QoL items too (the wolf cape/ iron pickaxe) which they felt they "earned" by having them on another world. And like this we justified to ourselves missing a good chunk of adventures together in the name of convenience.
I would not want this to happen to me once V1.0 hits. I would want to re-experience the entirety of the game from start to finish just like the developers envisioned it! I may subdue my temptations, but my mates may not agree entirely when they lose their pickaxe in the middle of the ocean. I think the option to create a resource-locked server (no console + characters on this server have no world migration) will incentivize completing all the content together once all of us have basically beat the game on the early access. Create new bases by destroying countless new greydwarf villages and reduce the meadows to ashes! Why v1.0 and not before? Well I lost my full iron gear as 2 chests disappeared due to DC problems, and cheats were the only way to remedy this.

Would you like to see this? If no, I would really like to hear the opinion. I honestly do not think this would be even a big development issue for Irongate.

TLDR: have the option to create resource-locked server where you cannot use the console and characters on this server cannot migrate to other worlds.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/malbm9/v10_idea_for_maximum_replayability/

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