Valheim Escape Room!

Hello Valheim vikings, I have made a puzzle escape room in Valheim that anyone who likes puzzles and/or escape rooms will likely enjoy. I recently test ran this with a group of 7 people at once with me running as "gamemaster" and it went really well, overall time was about an hour and 15 minutes. With that said, ideal group size is around 4.

How it works: There are character files and world files in the dropbox links below. For those of you not familiar with adding worlds/characters to your game world, all of the world and character data is located at the following directory on your computer…


the "Admin" part may be unique to your user in Windows. If you do not see the AppData folder, you need to select the "view" menu option, and then check the box for "Hidden Items" in order to see the folder. The worlds folder here will need to have the 4 files from the worlds URL, and the characters folder will need to have at least 2 of the 4 files (Either the two escapeemale or escapeefemale files, you do not need all four).

Character Files:

World Files:

If you are going to play with a group of friends, only ONE of you needs the world files, the rest only need the character files and will join your EscapeRoom server name once you host it.

Escape Room Rules:

1.) You are not to take any item, whether it be in a chest, crate, or item mount unless you are specifically instructed to do so.

2.) You are not to destroy any of the objects or surroundings unless you are specifically provided with a tool to do so.

3.) The map is to be used as part of the experience, but the map must always be used at full zoom. You cannot solve some of the puzzles without the prewritten text on the maps.

4.) The way to progress is to determine the code that should be entered for the portal (or portals) that are in the rooms. A # in the tag represents a number, and an X in the tag represents a lowercase letter. A portal that is prelabeled as #### for example will be a 4 digit code, and a portal prelabeled as XXXX will be a set of 4 lowercase characters.

5.) Every successful room you complete will have a "transition" room with a chest of some bread to help increase your stamina and maybe some health potentially, as well as a chest to deposit any items you received from the previous rooms.

6.) These puzzles are intended to be solvable by anyone with minimal valheim experience. There's only one puzzle that has some building, but nothing overly complicated.

Please do not post spoilers here, if there is interest I will create a walk through video that shows how to get all of the answers, however for anyone that is struggling and wants to complete the escape room but may be struggling on a section, the answers are in This downloadable file.

Cheat sheet:

If there's a group that would like me to gamemaster it to make it a more official Escape Room experience, I'd be more than happy to create a discord call to run one time permitting.

For anyone that does try it out, I hope you enjoy the puzzles!


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