Valheim Village Community

Hail Warrior, well met! I started playing Valheim recently. Well with no NPCs the game can get quite lonely if you are on a solo-streak. I had an idea, and I’m not sure if anyone else has posted about this or has a discord. (If someone knows of one, please let me know?) My idea is to create a community of players that all share a server. And like in most games everyone has a role- foraging and farming, a crafter/blacksmith, an architect/builder, a hunter/tamer, etc. whatever the person wanted their sole purpose to be for that server. If a player had an idea of a building that would be cool for the village, they go tell the architect. If a player needed a bunch of things crafted to go hunting, they go tell the crafter/blacksmith, etc. that way everyone feels they have a purpose. That way everyone has enough time to do what they enjoy in the game. They don’t have to worry about running around collecting 2500 stones to then build a giant building, while trying to maintain food in the process. Basically whatever the player really enjoys doing in the game would be their “job” for our village. I think it would be a fun way for people to get to know each other, as well as to have some more out of life in the game other than enemies and respawn after death. There would be no lifelong commitment, if someone wasn’t enjoying the village we could try to bring others on board. And there can be more than 1 person for each job, like if someone can’t play for a whole week because of life, another person could step in and fill their role. Like I said I don’t know if anyone has done this already, and it might sound stupid, but I think it would be really fun. If you are interested or have any information please comment or shoot me a message!


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