When you die after getting into cover it most likely means that the other player had high ping, nothing to do with the netcode or desync

I´m starting to get annoyed by people spamming clips in which thay peek, don´t get the kill and die after getting into cover. Then they blame the netcode of the game.

Just look at this fragment of video that explains the phenomenon:


This is just an example, there must be many other channels that can help you understand how online games work, and many people in this community need to learn more about the topic instead of complaining so much about the netcode or desync.

If you peek you may die, it´s what happens when you expose yourself. If the enemy is expecting you cause you made noise or you are going to repeek the same angle, certainly you may die, in this game or any other shooter.

Just look at this clip:


The op of that clip claims desync. He is peeking an enemy that is holding his angle (so probably had info about him being there or near there) and that is far from him expecting to win the fight with a shotgun no less . If you think about it, the rare occurence would have been him winning such duel.

What got him killed was engaging an enemy in such an unadvantageous scenario, not desync. He got the info from the server of him being dead after returning into cover, that´s why it may look weird on his screen, but that can be perfectly explained for the enemy having high ping as the first video I linked explains.

Just think about the whole situation and if taking the decision of trying to face that enemy was a reasonable move. It´s easy to blame anything but your own decisions ingame when your death may seem weird on your screen. But the same thing could have happen in any other game, with the difference that Tarkov´s performance is not as good as other titles and entities animations and movement are often clunky even for the AI. So the same situation in other games wouldn´t feel so off as it may seem in Tarkov, that´s all.

And no, I´m not saying that the netcode is perfect and shouldn´t be improved. Of course there are problems and of course it must get better, and yes some clips may show legitimate desync or netcode problems. I´m just saying that most people that spam clips of them whiffing shots or getting punished for making bad moves and claiming "desync" have no clue what they are talking about and are intoxicating the debate.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/l4qusq/when_you_die_after_getting_into_cover_it_most/

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