You can get a Mosin for only 32k instead of 45k if you have LL2 traders.

After the Mosin price nerf nearly doubled the price of everyone's favorite one tap machine, you can get a lot of better snipers for 45k, and even more at 55k if you plan on mounting an optic, making this gun less than viable for it's price combined with the LPS GZH nerf. However the tarkov shooter quest line requires a painful amount of mosin use so I found a cheaper way to make the gun more economical and slightly more viable later on. At Mechanic LL2, you unlock a barter for an obrez, only requiring a 730mm mosin barrel, mosin sniper carbine stock, and a pack of wilston cigarettes. If you purchase a mosin sniper for 54k, take off the barrel, buy cigarettes and a sniper carbine stock, and convert both mosins into sniper carbines, you can get 2 mosins, ready to mount an optic, for only 35k. Math below.

+54722: Mosin Sniper Rifle                        (Prapor LL2)
+ 7304: x3 Mosin Rifle Sniper Carbine Stock       (Jaeger LL2)
+ 7997: x2 514mm Mosin Carbine Barrel             (Jaeger LL1)
+~5000: Wilston Cigarettes                        (Flea Market)
- 1378  Regular Mosin Rifle Stock                 (Sell to Mechanic)
-  980: Sawn off Mosin Rifle Sniper Stock         (Sell to Mechanic)
- 4116: Sawn off 220mm Mosin Barrel               (Sell to Mechanic)
- 1800: Aim Sport "Tri-Rail" Rail for Mosin Rifle (Sell to Mechanic)
Total: 70,401 Rubles
35,200 Rubles Per Mosin Sniper Carbine

If you don't plan on mounting a scope on any of the guns, you can purchase iron sights for 2.8k from Prapor LL1, cut down to the mosin infantry rifle from Prapor LL1, and purchase 2 mosin carbine stocks instead of 2 mosin sniper carbine stocks, saving 6,287 rubles over the two rifles. This cuts down the overall price of a single mosin to 32,057 rubles.

It is worth noting that this may not be ideal for attempting to complete shooter born in heaven, as the shorter barrel gives 2.41 MOA, which in tarkov works out to very roughly 4 inches in variance at 100 meters, enough to mess up a headshot due to RNG. You are better off with an m700 from peacekeeper level 3 for $325 for completing this quest on a budget.

TD;LR buy big mosin from prapor, take off barrel, buy sniper stock and cigarettes, do barter with mechanic, convert both into medium mosins to save money.


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