400K User Celebration Poll.

Hi guys and gals. We are rapidly approaching a 400K userbase up from 200 at the start of the year. We will be looking to do something fun to celebrate the actual breaking of 400, but for now we wanted to ask a couple of questions to see if the userbase would be interested.

We have the ability to make tarkov themed awards. These would be sub only awards and we would let the community vote on what they wanted them to be – want to give someone a killa helmet for a good post? Show your dislike with some PS ammo? Think someone deserves kappa for a great post? We can make that happen. You would be able to chose from 8 500 coin awards and 4 1000 coin awards. We can take our time to tailor them for you and is possible we could rotate them on a weekly basis if people wanted more cheap ones. There is an issue however. The awards cant cost less than 500 coins per. A further 4 can be make at 1000 coins and more can be added at much higher prices but unless their is demand for a 2/510/20 and 40k coin award we wont be looking to make those.

WE CANNOT CHANGE THESE PRICES, they are designed by Reddit and we have no control over them.

The only other option is we CAN make them for the mod team only – that means we would be able to hand out tarkov themed awards for posts. We would still allow community voting on what these coins were, but obviously its a lot less fun for everyone.

Please answer the poll to let us know if you even want these. If there is positive feedback expect another poll next week asking for what you would like to see.

Happy Tarkov.

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Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/iqoy2m/400k_user_celebration_poll/

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