Buildings should be rare far from the Bubble

Good evening* fellow CMDRS,

As many have experienced it, points of interest of all kind appear on all landable planets, including crash sites, settlements and "artificial structures" (human-built buildings). All these PoI are perfectly legit in the Bubble, but should be increasingly rare the further you venture out of populated areas. I know for sure explorers are not the only CMDRs feeling their heart sink and their immersion break when looking at a pyramidal warehouse surrounded by sentry bots… on a world thousands of LYs from any populated system and after having "first foot" or "first discovery"… and seeing this pattern play time and again.

This issue has already been reported on FDevs' official issue tracker, and you can help increase the likelihood it will be looked at and solved by voting on it. Even better if you take a minute or two to chip in with your feelings on this and a screen capture showing the situation:

I know this issue has already been discussed, this is a just reminder of the current exploration/immersion situation in this regards, and about the fact each CMDR can do something about it. 🙂

TL;DR: there shouldn't be lots of buildings and crashed ships on every planet in the galaxy. Please help raise developers' awareness of the issue by voting on the official issue tracker:

Applicable greeting formula could vary depending on your timezone, current sleep schedule and number of stars in the system if on a planet's ground.)


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