Clan Flair Rework

Hi! I'm /u/Chaseshaw and I'm one of the newer mods (and a computer programmer by day). We're just finished updating the clan flairs with the most recent logos, removed old clans, added new ones, and added in the clan colors as they appear on WOT's website. Currently the top 300 clans have been parsed and put in.

Please tag yourself accordingly and comment here and let me know what's missing! Especially if you are on EU or ASIA. I don't want to leave anyone out but reddit has limitations on the css changes they allow. 🙂 Likewise newer tags are coming like the much-requested "streamer", or if there is an old/fun tag you used to have that is no longer supported please let me know!

Thanks and looking forward to serving the community!

nerd stuff:

new reddit changes are coming, their CSS is far more restrictive. old reddit lets you upload your own css file and image files, so you can do whatever cleverness you can fit into the 100kb they allow you. new reddit requires each image to be uploaded individually, processes it as something it calls an "emoji", and then you manually add it to each flair one at a time. likewise colors are impossible currently. they seem to be doing everything they can to prevent new reddit from reading off a user-uploaded css file. And to top it all off they only allow 300 "emojies" per sub, so we for sure won't get to include all the clans when we tackle that problem.


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