Explanation for the Iron Crown packs / issues

To begin, like with all companies and structures you have to follow these issues from the bottom to the top. Beginning with Respawn, leads to EA. Anyone with experience with EA understands theyre money hungry and operate like a fly-by-night company. They have been paying Youtubers and convincing them to play (solos). If you saw all the main streamers yesterday, Lupo, Tfue, Ninja, and many more were all playing Apex. This is to draw as much attention to the game quickly, so the company can make as much money as possible before Fortnite ends up eclipsing the game. With updates like this, I think they are making it clear they don’t care about the players, and are purely in it for the money. We will see it sadly come to an end soon, just as Fortnite has extinguished many of these games before. Then EA will invest in another game and we will be back on a different reddit complaining again. See you there.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/cq8ywe/explanation_for_the_iron_crown_packs_issues/

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