For anyone with awful FPS after getting Odyssey: here’s how I fixed it

(This may have been buried in the patch notes, I don't know. There was a LOT in the patch notes. 🙂 )

When I fired up Odyssey for the first time and started the on-foot tutorial, I noticed that my FPS was garbage. 19, choppy as hell. This shouldn't be the case, given my specs (i7-8700, 16gb, GeForce RTX 2070). I dropped most of my settings from Ultra to High and got to the exalted levels of… 24 FPS.

So I went to my config folder and just deleted all of my graphics settings. Started up the game, changed the preset quality level to high, cranked up the mediums to high again and now on-foot FPS shot up to 61.

For my system that's probably not the best, but it's acceptable, and at that point it's explainable by app performance that's good but not obsessively optimized. In short, I'm ok with that.

So if you run into this problem, trash your graphics file. Just delete (or better yet, back up just in case) everything here:

C:Usersyour_user_nameAppDataLocalFrontier DevelopmentsElite DangerousOptionsGraphics

(Uh, obviously that's the Windows locations. Couldn't tell you on other OS's.)

It didn't take long to get the settings back to where I was happy, and I can't really tell the difference between my old settings and new ones when I'm not on foot. So I consider that a win.

Hope this helps someone!


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