Ho-Ri, the tier 10 Japanese TD on Blitz, just got added to in-game files. Its stats and armor model are now available.


Apparently the tank was added to in-game files in their latest patch. It could still be a "crate tank" (Blitz has some crate exclusive tier 9-10s or something), but considering the top tier vehicle of the branch was already confirmed to be the Ho-Ri, I think it's safe to say this will be the tier 10 of their branch.

Confirms a couple of things:

  • Ho-Ri I (one with vertical armor and rear mounted superstructure) will be the tier 10. Don't feel like it's the best pick (sloped armor Ho-Ri would've been better pick IMO). At least it's the Ho-Ri, though, not a fake super-heavy abomination with a 20cm naval gun.
  • The gun is the 15 cm Type 96 (not the Type 96 Howitzer the Japanese HTs uses, but a long barrel cannon). Historical gun was a 10 cm, same gun as the O-Ni/O-Ho has.

And now the stats (probably preliminary so could change). Keep in mind that Blitz has different damage, HP etc. values but it should give some direction that what the tank might look like on PC if it appears here as well. Also, the site automatically puts in some crew skills and equipment on default, remove those and it should give a more realistic view that what the stats might look like.

  • The special feature is definitely the penetration. Standard AP pen is whopping 310 mm, best in the game, while the premium round is also AP with 380 mm (!!!) penetration. It has better pen than T110E3/E4, which have APCR. Probably the contender for best premium rounds in the game. 
  • Alpha damage with standard is 560. As Blitz has lower alpha values, though, on PC it should be around 650, same as the 268 V4. Still high enough to hit hard, but nothing special for a tier 10 TD.
  • Base reload of 11.51 seconds. T110E3 there has around ~13 seconds. Similar or bit more DPM than T110E3, which isn't particularly amazing but its still solid.
  • Great accuracy, aim time and also good dispersion when moving. Gun handling is very good, its comparable to the Bobject except it gets massively better accuracy.
  • Overall the gun has really no drawbacks, it has 650 alpha, best pen in the game, okay but good enough DPM and very good gun handling and accuracy. Should be extremely comfy to use.
  • Only -6 degrees of gun depression (in contrast to historical -10), but with that huge gun its understandable that it can't hit the historical -10. Gun arc is 7 degrees to both sides, pretty bad but with good gun handling for a TD it ain't that bad.
  • Good top speed, 50 kph forwards and 20 kph in reverse. Traverse speed seems to be around ~30 deg/s, more agile than the Bobject. Engine power seems to be noticeably worse, though, so it won't fly around like (pre-nerf) Bobject did, but it will still be able to move around
  • Weights 60 tons, so it will be good at ramming
  • It's big and fat, naturally (it's based on the Chi-Ri afterall), though not quite as fat as the JP E100. Despite that, it has pretty low HP pool of 1750 (remember that TDs have marginally less there, Grille has 1700 for instance and Shitbarn has 1800), so expect around 1800-1900 HP 



Overall, the armor is pretty bad, 250 flat casemate and upper plate as well as weak LFP. Side armor is nothing special, either. Will repel HE, LTs, lower tiers and MAAYBE same tier standard ammo from some tanks, but that's about it.

So in short, amazing gun with good pen and comfy handling, solid mobility but mediocre survivability. Best comparison is actually the old tier 10 Object 263; it trades quite a bit of armor for even better gun, more gun depression and closed top. That or Bobject that has amazing gun but much worse armor. I don't mind the direction Blitz took with it, could be interesting and I'd definitely be happy if it was something like this on PC as well. Seems fun. That being said, stats are subject to change and if it appears on PC it might be nothing like this.

One thing that interests me though that if this is the tier 10 (it should've been tier 8 with sloped armor variants filling tier 9-10 slots), then what the hell is picked for tier 7-9 slots (line is confirmed to be just tier 7-10 on Blitz, probably the same case on PC as well). I guess the casemated Chi-Ri TD will make an appearance there…or maybe the Ji-Ro? Remains to be seen, I'm hella curious how the line turns out on Blitz, even if it's just…Blitz.

WG pls give more information regarding Japanese TDs on WoT PC ;__;

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/edb3to/hori_the_tier_10_japanese_td_on_blitz_just_got/

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