(I tried my best to make) 0.12 Patchnotes!

I am really, really excited for the wipe. If you are too, you may also have found yourself looking for a summary of what's to come, so I tried my best to put one together. Sources are listed at the end. Point out anything I missed with a source in the comments and I will add it. Lastly, Nikita, if you do happen to stumble across this, feel free to tell me what I missed 😉


-Game migrated to a newer (2018) version of Unity.

-New grass rendering (longer draw distance, better performance)

-New explosion effects

-Added TAA

-Added HBAO


-Added hideout, a map for your PMC to exist between raids.

-Added off-raid healing.


[Military Base]

-Added new map (Military Base).

-Includes Scav boss + guards


-Added ambusher Scav Boss

-Added Scav boss' stash


-Added other new Scav bosses

-Added new exfils to existing maps

-"Needed changes and fixes to old locations"


-Added new stationary weapon (UTES+AGS).

-Added Beretta

-Added p90

-Added Ash-12

-Added Five-Seven ("High Chance", not 100% confirmed)


-Added Surgical Kits, which can revive a black limb mid raid


(0.12 is "the biggest patch in terms of items")

-Added new rigs

-Added new backpack

-Added some glasses

-Added barter items


-Added weapon "builds" system, which will allow you to save weapon configurations and buy them again with one click.

-Rehauled 3rd person animations

-Many bug fixes. Real patch notes for this will be "huge"


-Added 5 unique outfits for each PMC faction. Outfits will be unlocked in a similar manner to trader levels.

-Polished first person hand models


-Added new trader, Jager.

-Reworked quests: removed "grind quests" from required progression

-Added new quests


-Nikita Can't talk about it

-It has been done for a long time

-It will make us happy


Status Update 1

Status Update 2

Status Update 3

Status Update 4

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dilz21/i_tried_my_best_to_make_012_patchnotes/

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