Im Placing My Last Block

As you saw from the title, yes. I am going to leave minecraft. its the best game, but the community is VERY toxic.
recently i had people who joined me and repeatedly told me to kill myself IRL
i kicked them of course.
the insults are now turning into loopholes so now the insults are readable and understanding, which isnt good.
ALSO recently.
this "girl"s boyfriend was being racist and whatnot.
and to my suprise, "she" does nothing.
this is it boys. my last block is placed. im done. minecraft has gotten worse with the community. updates are A-OK but the people…

its like, whenever there is a new UPdate
people DOWNgrade into (this goes agaisnt rule 1) assholes.

if you guys want any of my unfinished/survival worlds and mods dm me.


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