Modules and ships for sale at Explorer’s Anchorage

My carrier, Castiana V6X-BHV, just finished support operations for the Explore the Core Infernal Expedition selling ships and modules along the expedition route. It is currently in orbit next to Explorer's Anchorage in Stuemeae FG-Y d7561. I'll leave it there for a few more weeks in case other travelers visiting Sag A* wish to upgrade their ships or modules. The inventory includes:

  • AspX (3), Dolphin (3), Sidewinder (23), Viper (7). (All the DBXes were sold.)
  • Fuel scoops, A-rated, sizes 1-6
  • AFMU, A-rated, sizes 1-7
  • SRV hangars, 2G, 4G (Explorer's Anchorage has these too)
  • Fighter hagars, 5D, 6D
  • Power plant, A-rated, sizes 2-5
  • FSD, A-rated, sizes 2-6
  • Sensors, D-rated, sizes 1-5 (Explorer's Anchorage should have these too)
  • Distributor, A-rated, sizes 1-5
  • Thrusters, A-rated, sizes 2-6
  • Shields, A-rated, sizes 2-6
  • DSS, Heatsinks, advanced docking computers, supercruise assist
  • Various size 1, 3, 5 D-rated limpet controllers – collector, decontamination, fuel transfer, prospector, recon, repair, hatch breaker, research (you can get cargo racks for limpets from Explorer's Anchorage)

There is no mark-up. The "bad for exploration" A-rated modules were a limitation of the fleet carrier stocking interface, so couldn't be helped. Explorer's Anchorage itself sells many of these modules in the D-rated flavor. So between the station and my carrier, you should be able to put together a decent explorer ship build.


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