[New Player Advice] How to kill Raiders!

I'm creating this to help those who struggle with killing raiders.

First of all, some background on Raiders:

Raiders mostly spawn with 2 main types of ammos (the vast majority spawn with super high flesh damage rounds, but which have incredibly low armour penetration, meaning even PACA armour will protect you from the majority of raiders..however I strongly recommend you go level.3 armour minimum, just in case.

The second type of ammo they spawn with are BP 7.62 or Igolnik rounds, which can take down fully geared players in about 3-4 shots….luckily these rounds do less flesh damage overall, so you actually have almost a similar amount of chance to survive as your fellow juggernauts & thicc boys do.

Raiders will have a mixture of armour on them, it could be a little Trooper or a full-on Gen4 Assault – either way, you are better off single firing an AK with precise shots to the head, than you are full-auto-ing their chest.

Also, Raider like to throw grenades, which is generally a good thing because a Raider throwing a Grenade isn't shooting at you, giving you time to take him down & then quickly run for cover.

Always relocate from the position the Raider saw you, to another place, just in case a grenade was thrown in your direction.

Never loot a Raider's body right away – in case you killed him while he was in the 'grenade throwing animation'.

Speaking mostly for playing Factory, as this is THE map to farm raiders if you're low on cash (other maps require a lot more than just what's below..but Factory will give you the experience you need, on how to survive fights with raiders.

A few absolute musts which will increase your survival chances VS raiders are as follows:

1.) ALWAYS ALWAYS pre-med with painkillers/ibuprofen/vaseline, SOMETHING. As even for us geared players, if you get caught in the open & a Raider takes out your leg, there is no 2 ways about it….you're dead.

2.) ALWAYS ALWAYS go for headshots – as the vast majority of raiders come with armour, but most of them don't have helmets & can die with 1-2 shots to the face/head.

3.) Doors are your best friend & first line of defence against raiders…because Raiders are sneaky & many times you won't hear them coming, using doors on whatever map you're on, will greatly increase your chance of survival.

4.) Wear lvl.3 armour, ideally, even though PACA (lvl.2) should be OK against the high-flesh damage rounds it will however pen sometimes & you may end up dying…so lvl.3 is really the cheapest armour I recommend..one that will really protect you from most Raiders' rounds.

5.) For the love of god, wear a faceshield. Kiver / Zsh-1-2m / Lzsh with Faceshield… These are your best options for face protection, with the Lzsh allowing you the opportunity to wear comtacs with it. There are all lvl.3 faceshields, but the Zsh-1-2m provides full head protection with a decent ricochet chance (at the expence of hearing loss). The Lzsh is useful for keeping your ability to hear clearly, but this is more useful for players are Raiders are either dead silent/creeping the map, or shouting obscenities. The Kiver has an okay-ish ricochet chance for the helmet part; however the Faceshield has high ricochet chance.

6.) Always take backup meds, as it is not uncommon to use an entire Salewa (400HP points), just healing yourself, so take a backup Salewa, or ideally IFAK, in your container, just in case.

7.) Always have a backup plan, or area, that you can rotate/run back to, if a Raiders sprints like a madman & crouch-stops right on top of you, but you didn't have enough time to headshot him.

8.) If you rotated back, or see/know there's a Raider around a specific corner, NEVER EVER slow-peak him by walking slowly, alwys come around the bend as fast as possible and aim immediately for the head. This will avoid him starting to shoot your arms/legs as you are trying to peak around the corner to catch a glimps of is head for an easy one-tap..with Warmage/RIP/Luger CCI ammo, he destroy you just by shooting your arm even before you have a chance to see his head. So walk fastest speed around a corner, aim for head and walk back in cover (even if you miss..you're back in cover so safe for now..it may also for him to come to you now..instead of holding still, wherever he is.

9.) Last, but certainly not least, limit your angles you are fighting and always try to limit the distances you will have to shoot, when raiders are nead.

A good example of this is, fighting in the Showers underneath the main hallway & safe room on Factory, this and the tunnels are you best spots in fighting against Raiders.

Why? Because you can limit the amount of angles you are exposed to, and you can run behind cover..because even if you lost a leg, you are pre-medding, like I advised ;). And the distances are all close enough where headshots should be fairly easy (lower your mouse sensitivity if you end up waving the mouse all around & have to grip it hard and move it suuper slowly to get a clean headshot…lower mouse sensitivity = higher precision).

10.) [EDIT] Never peak same angle twice, wherever possible. If you have the chance to rotate to another angle, do it. However if you aren't sure the new angle/flank is safe..you're risking leaving your comfort zone/enclosed area, so keep the mental image of where you saw him last, and peak the same angle (only-angle if you do not have the choice to rotate to another angle !) but expose your FULL body and not just your head (or else he will shot your head)..do not slow walk while ADS-ing as he will take your arms out before you can see his head..walk normally while gun on hip, and as soon as head exposed, ADS & back out.

Use the doors of shower – close them- and wait for Raiders to come in..when one enters, headshots only, and dont stand on the sinks as it only exposes your head, meaning the Raider will shoot at that directly/without fail.

Expose your entire body to the raider and he will usually aim for your chest/arms.

With all this in mind, if you follow this to the letter, you can kill raiders with even a pistol (+ Zsh-1-2M + lvl.3 armour) and get in & out of Factory within 5-10 minutes, making 300k easy, while keeping so many items for future raids.

Good luck and I hope this helps.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dgbwjm/new_player_advice_how_to_kill_raiders/

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