Operation Deez Nuts

Whoever by upvotes can get the best "deez nuts" clip on someone over voip wins.
post clips to this thread, we will put it in contest mode, whoever has the most upvotes at the end of 2 weeks gets a flair.


  1. Must be done over voip
  2. Target must be an enemy PMC/Scav
  3. Videos must be un-edited (trimming is appropriate and desired)
  4. Clips that have previously been posted to the subreddit are disqualified.
  5. No abusive language, racism, sexism, ect.
  6. There is NO LIMIT to how many entries you may submit. Do not spam your video in comments of other posts, or under other people's videos in this post
  7. It must be your video, posted as a parent comment.

If this post isn't stickied, it's probably because of Reddit's dumb 2 sticky limit and/or there is an event or a wipe happening. The contest will continue and the post will be re-stickied when space is available.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/uj5w7g/operation_deez_nuts/

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